Porcelain Stoneware Floors for Outdoors: The robust HiThick line, 20 mm thick.

Porcelain Stoneware Floors for Outdoors: The robust HiThick line, 20 mm thick.


The Evolution of Outdoor Spaces with Innovative Furnishing Solutions

Why have porcelain stoneware floor tiles for outdoor spaces become such a pivotal component of modern interior design? The answer lies in the changing dynamics of our daily lives. With an increase in time spent indoors, balancing work-from-home with personal life, there is now a heightened focus on optimising and defining both indoor and outdoor spaces.


Reimagining Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor areas have evolved into essential extensions of our homes, taking on new significance. Terraces, courtyards, balconies, and for the fortunate, gardens and swimming pools, are now envisioned as places for socialising, hobbies, sports, or simply relaxing and unwinding from daily stress.


Transforming Your Outdoors with Ceramics

If you have outdoor space, now is the perfect time to maximise its potential and create a serene and enjoyable environment. While aesthetic appeal is important, functionality is paramount. Regardless of the size of your space, prioritise durable and comfortable furniture that is easy to clean and long-lasting. This philosophy extends to flooring and wall tiles as well.


Why Choose Porcelain Stoneware Tiles?

Porcelain stoneware tiles are among the few materials that offer all the practicality and safety needed for outdoor flooring. Here are some of their key benefits:

- Frost-proof: They do not absorb water, preventing damage in freezing conditions.

- Anti-slip: Provides a safe walking surface, even when wet.

- Weather-resistant: Unaffected by atmospheric agents and sunlight, they do not discolour and resist mildew.

-  Durable: Capable of withstanding weight, impacts, scratches, and minor damages, making them perfect for high-traffic areas and pet-friendly spaces.


Ceramics have gained popularity for their versatility in replicating various effects, colours, and decorations. This allows designers to blend functionality with aesthetic appeal, creating stunning outdoor spaces.

Maximising Small Areas or Redefining Large Spaces with Ceramics

Even a small garden can become a multifunctional area with strategic furniture placement and porcelain stoneware tiles. Use different effects or shades to delineate spaces, combine stoneware tiles with greenery, or pair a beautiful lawn with large ceramic slabs or wood-effect boards.

For dynamic projects, 20-mm thick outdoor flooring offers exceptional versatility. The dry installation technique is ideal for residential green areas:

- Grass installation: Perfect for private gardens and outdoor spaces like islands and walkways.

- Gravel or sand installation: Ideal for transforming barbecue areas and other outdoor spaces, ensuring effective water drainage.

Discover the Range at COCO Tiles and Mosaics

COCO Tiles and Mosaics offers a comprehensive selection of porcelain stoneware tiles for outdoor use, including the robust HiThick line, 20 mm thick. These tiles meet various technical needs while keeping up with the latest trends in Outdoor Design.

HiThick’s porcelain tiles for exteriors, featuring a non-slip surface, are exceptionally impressive in their concrete effect. The Dune Series presents a fresh take on minimal chic design with **Frammenti** and **Creta** in an 80x80 cm format, and **Tufo** in a 120x120 cm format, all boasting a robust 20 mm thickness.

With its soft nuances, Dune in the Frammenti decor variant features a pattern that perfectly balances simplicity and dynamism. This makes it ideal for creating striking geometric designs in both residential and commercial outdoor projects.

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