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Kitchen Tiles That Inspire

Discover a world of possibilities with our exquisite range of tiles. From the timeless classic white tile that creates a clean, sophisticated look, to statement-making shades of pink, red and green tiles that infuse energy and personality into your space. Our tile collection caters to every taste and style, ensuring your kitchen reflects your unique vision.

Versatile & Durable Kitchen Tiles

Out kitchen tiles are more than a statement piece, they are designed and manufactures to last. Crafted with durability in mind, these tiles can withstand the demands of a bustling kitchen while maintaining their elegance. So, you can enjoy both style and substance.

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With a vast array of options, our selection of kitchen and backsplash tiles are sure to inspire. Can’t decide between the rustic charm of encaustic tiles, contemporary geometry or a versatile crackled ceramic look? We offer full size samples to help you find the perfect tile for your needs.

Make Your Dream Kitchen a Reality With Coco Tiles & Mosaics

Explore our diverse range of kitchen tiles and find the perfect match for your style. Shop the look and browse our extensive selection of backsplash and kitchen tiles today! Not sure what you’re looking for? Our free design consultation is the ideal solution to help you visualise and select the tile of your dreams!

Make Your Kitchen Reflect Your Personal Style

Want your home style to be an extension of your personal style CoCo’s creative clan shares tips on how to ensure your interiors feel like you!

Creating a kitchen space that feels authentic to you and your own personal style can often feel like a challenge. As time will tell you, following trends doesn’t always lead to interiors with lasting presence and meaning, especially in a home kitchen. Instead, tapping into your own tastes and personal preferences can be the most effective way to create a design that lasts and feels good for you, year after year.

Here, CoCo’s creative clan offer their key tips for translating your own personal style into kitchens that truly reflect who you are and what you like.

The first step in creating a tile design that reflects your personal tastes is to identity what those tastes are. Often, the first place to start is with a healthy dose of self-reflection. “Are you colour savvy? Perhaps bold and adventurous? Or lookign for something more sleek and minimalistic? Bringing in elements and kitchen tiles related to your personal passions and interests can make spaces feel truly yours and make you feel more like yourself!

Making a mood board may help you to gather ideas and define a style you are happy with. Flipping through our Interior Looks can be a great place for inspiration. Check out our range of Backsplash and Kitchen tiles and Interior Looks!