Master In The Field

Masters In The Field

Welcome To The Life-Enhancing World Of CoCo Artistic Mosaics. A Hand-crafted Technique From The Masters Of The Mosaic.

Our creative technique of producing stunning artistic mosaics blends together both regular and irregular glass tesserae made of two different types of glass - enamelled glass and crystal glass. This innovative combination of the two elements produces decorations of exquisite detail in brilliant and long-lasting colours. These exceptional artistic creations without a doubt generate a distinct and characteristic atmosphere in any workspace or living space.

Our approach to artistic mosaics uses design ideas that reinvent and modernise the colour-mixing and binding techniques for making enamelled glass that uncovers unlimited colour possibilities to each artwork.

Your artistic mosaics can be installed almost anywhere in any space, even to enhance the character of a swimming pool. Every piece is an art piece which is unapologetically intended to be the centre of attention.

Better still, you can choose from hundreds of our Artistic Mosaic Art collections or ask us to create the inspiring shapes and silhouettes of a custom design you send us. 

So make no mistake, with our extraordinary designs, either you use it to make a statement or you don’t use it at all.  

In short, not only do you have the choice to make them stand out, but our mosaic arts are simply out of this world!